Get help with blogging in my Blogger Help Sessions.

Blogger Help Sessions

With millions of blogs on the internet these days, it’s tough to get noticed. But I’ve been blogging for over four years and have created two successful blogs from scratch, so I know what it takes to stand out from the “blog noise”– and I’ll tell you how to do it.

*All sessions can be done virtually

60-Minute Blog Audit

A great way to get started. We’ll hop on Skype and for an hour I’ll analyze everything to do with your blog, giving you suggestions for changes and answering any questions or concerns you have about blogging.

£80 for the first hour, make it longer for £40/hour

Social Media Strategy Help

Hashtags, Facebook algorithms, and re-grams… it’s hard to keep up with all of the changes always happening in social media, and difficult to know what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Because I work in the industry, I keep up with the latest social media trends and help bloggers stay one step ahead of them. This is my most popular help session, and for good reason!

• An audit of your current social media efforts
• A complete and customised strategy for your chosen social media networks
• Do’s and don’ts, best practices and quick wins for each network
• Example posts for each network to get you started
• A list of resources specific to your niche, including where to find relevant content to share and more

I specialise in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

£300 for one network
£500 for two networks
£800 for three networks
£950 for four networks

SEO Help Session

A big piece of the success of my site The Abroad Guide is the SEO strategy that I’ve implemented from day one— now the site sees over 23,000 visits each month from Google. I can teach you how to find out what content will do well in search engines, how to optimize your blog for search, and tell you what you’ve done so far that’s hurting your search rankings.


Monetization Prep Session

You’ve been blogging for some time and love it, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually get PAID to blog? Whether you have the traffic to start monetizing or not, this session will help you get on your way to making some cash. If you’re a newbie blogger, I’ll create a roadmap for your blog so that you can prepare to take the step into monetizing and working with brands easily and quickly. If you’re a veteran who just doesn’t know where to start, I’ll lay out the monetization options you have, guide you in reaching out to brands, help you decide what to charge, and more.


What my past clients say:

“I first connected with Jess on a personal level when I happened to come across her blog. We had similar stories: We had both lived in Florence, met boys we fell in love with, and moved to their lovely -albeit rainy- parts of the world (London, Dublin) to be with them. Her blog is so full of cool ideas, photos, advice and inspiration and I had been contemplating taking a similar path for a while, so when I saw that she also offered consultations to other bloggers, I jumped at the chance. She got back to me right away and after about a million emails full of my questions, she came up with this beautiful and thoughtfully made presentation that was just for me. She gave me lots of great advice, ideas, and she continues to stay in touch with me ever since. Jess is a great mentor, I would hire her again for another consult in a heartbeat!” – Beatriz from Bea in Ireland

“Jess is the best of the best when it comes to social media consulting. She tailored my consultation specifically to my blog and my niche. She also spent a lot of time dissecting who I was as a person and where I wanted my blog to go and developed a plan for me and my Facebook page that works perfectly. I started implementing her suggestions right away and immediately saw an increase in engagement, reach and page likes. In addition to her social media, she’s just the sweetest person ever. Talking to her is so fun and is such a learning experience at the same time!” – Cat from The Rustic Willow

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