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Welcome to Socially Jess, a community for busy small business owners and creative bloggers who know that social media is SUPER important, but may be a bit lost when it comes to making it work for them and their biz.

I’m helping small biz owners and bloggers shine online. Stay and hang out for a while, and you’ll learn how to use social media and blogging to grow your small business the RIGHT way, showing you how to get results, generate lots of buzz, and even make some sales. COOL, right?

“And instead of being stressful, time-sucking and confusing, I’ll make social media FUN for you. Because once you get it, it WILL be fun!”

Socially Jess - Social Media and Blogging Advice for Small Businesses



I’m Jess (stating the obvious), a social media and content marketing consultant who started Socially Jess to help small biz owners realise the potential that social media has for them. I’ve been working in social media since 2009 (…eek!) and blogging since 2011.

Along with helping out businesses with social media and blogging, I run The Abroad Guide and Love and London, a successful blog and Youtube channel (respectively) that I consider to be my two precious children until I get the sausage dog that I so desperately want (Christmas 2016, I’m looking at you!)

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